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201 - CD - The Cold New Regime (pre-order)

201 - CD - The Cold New Regime (pre-order)

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Full-length CD, released March 29th 2024.

 NOTE: The CD:s are delayed from the factory, and orders including this CD will ship as soon as the CD:s arrive. The preliminary estimate is currently late April or early May.

6-sided digipak release, released by Ablaze Productions (Mexico). Catalog no. ABP-192.

Track list:

1. Shock Troops
2. Operation Earthworm
3. Mighty Winter
4. Between the Trenches
5. Breath of the Great Lung
6. Genocide Protocol
7. 535
8. The Fist of Ares
9. Woes of the Terminarch
10. The Cold New Regime
11. Chaos Engine

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